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Proposed Schedule

For the first half of the class, students will complete several small programming exercises and a mid-session project. The second half introduces basic electronics, including electrical components, sensors, and actuators and a final project.

    Week 1         Topic: The beginning
    Reading required: Chapter 1: Hello Chapter 2: Coding Chapter 3: Drawing
    Activities required: Exercises:ALL (Due the following Thursday in class)

    Week 2         Topic: EverythingYou Need to Know
    Readings required:Chapter 4: Variables Chapter 5: Response
    Activities required: Exercisess: ALL (Due the following Thursday in class)

    Week 3         Topic: Organization
    Readings required:Chapter 6: Media Chapter 7: Motion
    Activities required: Exercises: All (Due the following Thursday in class)

    Week 4         Topic:Putting It AllTogether
    Readings required:Chapter 8: Functions Chapter 9: Objects
    Activities required: Exercises:All(Due the following Thursday in class)

    Week 5         Topic: The World Revolves Around You
    Readings required:Chapter 10: Arrays Chapter 11: Extend
    Activities required: Exercises:All (Due the following Thursday in class)

    Week 6        Topic: The Outside World
    Tutorial: project development
    Activities required: project development

    Week 7         Topic: In Class presentation of Project 1 due in class

    Week 8         Basic Introduction to Electricity and Arduino

    Week 9        Topic: Project two discussions
    The Ardunio Book v3 see class website In lab demo of Arduino

    Week 10       Topic: Project two production

    Week 11      Topic: Project two production

    Week 12      Topic: Project two production

    Week 13      In class presentations    

Reading List

  • Prescribed texts:
  • Physical Computing, Dan O'Sullivan - CFA 004/5
  • Getting Started with Processing - available online via UNSW Library
  • Recommended texts;
  • Processing, Handbook for Artist and Designers: CFA 005.1/345 D
  • Design Noir, Anthony Dunne- The secret life of electronic Objects - CFA 745.2/120
  • Analog in, digital out, Brenda Dawes - CFA 005.72/138
  • Processing: Creative Coding and Computational Art - CFA 005.1/342
  • Shaping things, Bruce Sterling - CFA 745.2/188

























Physical computing interaction Design

Processing + Arduino

Sensor & components

Essential Viewing