Course Convenor: Brad Miller

Lecturer: Brad Miller

Office: E104| Phone: (02) 9385 0622


3 Hours per week | Units of credit: 6

Course Introduction

Information about the course

Students should read this Outline in conjunction with the COFA 2011 Student Information Guide which provides essential information and is available from the COFA Document Library

Design and Computers 4 is the final compulsory course, which runs sequentially over your entire Design program. They are one of 3 core areas that make up the integrated program of the School of Design Studies, Graphics, Computer Aided Drafting and interactive media.

Course Aims

The course Design and Computers 4 – aims to develop a digital design practice, which supports you to integrate technical knowledge and skills with tools, processes and appropriate software/hardware solutions as an support to contemporary digital design disciplines and in particular the 3rd year integrated design studio.

Course Context

This course is instrumentalist in direction, exploring and developing interactive processes for the screen. Projects will address conceptual, processes and technical understandings of a digital interactive design and production presentation.

This course is a foundation for computational principles, which may further be refined within more complex commercials platforms such as Flash/Actionscript 3.0 or DHTML/JavaScript/CSS 3.0 both are available to design students as electives (sdes3179/3174) and with the extra elective entitled Responsive objects and spaces sdes3181


Learning and Teaching Philosophy

This course is informed by a learning and teaching framework that is student-centred and utilises experiential learning strategies. The course aims to create a stimulating and challenging environment that actively involves you in individual and small group design projects.

The projects are structured to develop your practical and theoretical knowledge and skills in self-directed and collaborative design processes. This approach to learning and teaching aims to draw and reflect on the rich diversity of your experience in a cooperative climate.

Design practice takes place in a wide range of contexts including: skilled trades, professional consultancies and scholarly enquiry. You are encouraged to critically reflect on historical precedents in studio practice and theory and their implications for future design directions.

The course provides you with opportunities to investigate and explore: the field of design practice and scholarship; the roles of design and designers in the contexts of other disciplines; and how design functions in society.


Design & Computers 4 @ COFA S1 2012, Monday 12-3pm (Brad)

Design & Computers 4 @ COFA S1 2012, Monday 3-6pm (Brad)

Design & Computers 4 @ COFA S1 2012, Tuesday 3-6pm (Volker)

Design & Computers 4 @ COFA S1 2012, Wednesday 6-9pm (Tega)

Design & Computers 4 @ COFA S1 2012, Thursday 9am-12pm (Monica)

Design & Computers 4 @ COFA S1 2012, Thursday 12-3pm (Monica)

Design & Computers 4 @ COFA S1 2012, Thursday 3-6pm (Brad)

Design & Computers 4 @ COFA S1 2012, Friday 6-9pm (Tega)

















Physical computing interaction Design

Processing + Arduino

Sensor & components

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