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Scene 1 Yes

As she is walking away an old paper woman stands in her path. Her costume is made from old encyclopedias and pre war newspapers.
Old Woman
Nar folm goleth netch

Woman (VO)
Rehursing. Oh well what the hell I’ve always wanted to do experimental theatre.(now speaking) Ner nag lep noo dak

Old Woman
Jo kly core pasfer. Yorg getch itskivi ho ho ho ho
Woman nods

Woman (VO)
Was I supposed to get it. I have the feeling she was joking about something terrible, quiet unspeakable, maybe that’s why she’s talking babble.
Do I actually have any lines?
The lighting and the mood of the sound take a downward bent. The old woman points to her costume.


YES Yes but I can wing it ,unless”

MAYBE“Maybe it’s all improvised”

NO“No I won’t hold myself back”