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Scene 2 Yes
“unless......I can’t remember what play this is, I will write a play, it’s like this one but more extremely particular”

In the background two paper figures approach each other cautiously . They stop, reach out . One of the figures pulls from his pocket some scissors and cuts the finger off the other's hand. Confetti pours out. Suddenly this same man is approaching. An old woman cackles. The singer starts to sing again and wanders off. He walks past the woman.

They seem harmless enough, I’m more amazed by the set construction

The buildings in the set twist slightly and alter in perspective.She turns to watch the action on stage. Cut to a wide shot. The Old woman appears next to her and nods.

This is like a story of a story that I started about myself. There’s a man in the story that I want to meet. What if there isn’t a part for me?


YES “Yes but I can wing it ......unless”

MAYBE “Maybe it’s all improvised”

NO “No I won’t hold myself back”