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Scene 2 M

Old Woman
Nor gang telorg dor horgjorp.

The Woman (VO)
Da ho do loo

The Old Woman turns away

The Woman (VO)

We can hear the noise of a coughing audience. The old woman quickly taps a finger onto the Woman creasing her suit.

Old Woman (angry)
Naf gung hut ob nas. Ob nas dor toorgang yak fooog.
Darmib vog hi jac fokbeed. Duad fok name been dapadaped good

Woman (vo)
I have damaged my shell long ago. She can help me, she is like my mother so perhaps I remind her of herself. she can see it.


YES “Yes but I can wing it ......unless”

MAYBE “Maybe it’s all improvised”

NO “No I won’t hold myself back”