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plasma_flow and new installation mediated_moments @ Cmoda, Beijing

plasma_flow was a spectacular large-scale interactive projected installation and used adaptive surround sound to reinforce the user experience of interacting with a cloud of highly charged particles. The installation will emulate a Fluid/Particle system and is accessible for real time interactive via a series of Infrared light sensitive cameras, capturing input from participants as they traverse the space. Their traces will be projected as a swirling storm of particles and dyed fluids in response to their movements. The configuration is designed to be site specific and response to the unique qualities of the Cleland Stores at the Rocks commissioned by VIVID 2012 Lights On! and now exhibiting at Beijing Design week.


mediated_moments draws on the internet using it as a searchable and responsive global database of images, sound and video content describing, documenting and framing Beijing to display content as an immersive environment. Providing a sense of the city in the weeks before and during BJDW. Forming sequences in response to audience movement and position, these data ‘moments’ are animated by our Interactive Media Platform according to our custom live video camera tracker, and then sequentially embedded into strips of images presented horizontally. The interactivity of the installation enables users in the space to recognise themselves in the work and control the display of individual visual elements of content by slowing and enlarging an image or video in response to their movement and position. 


Ian McArthur (Producer & Audio) (NSW)

Adam Hinshaw (Senior Programmer)

Paul Adams (Weibo intergration) Shanghai.

Ian Andrews (Audio) original reworking of patch (NSW) by Derek Holzer NL (Audio)

Special thanks to original Processing Fluids Library developer(artist)



GeoCity Smart City
International Information Design Exhibition

We would like to express our gratude to Yang Lei, curator extraordinare @ CMODA


and thank you for the support of

Professor Ian Howard (Dean of COFA)

Professor Jill Benett (Director of National Insitute of Experimental Art)

Liz Williamson, School Of Design Studies

Professor (Major)Ross Harley (Co-Director of NIEA)

and Dr Vaugh Rees (Dean International)



plasma_flow Sept 2012, CModa, Beijing



plasma_flow and mediated_moments during opening Friday 28th Sept 2012, CModa, Beijing


comod exhibition


plasma_flow and mediated_moments CModa, Beijing



plasma_flow and mediated_moments during install Tuesday 25th Sept 2012, CModa, Beijing