Research for Responsive Media

  A Digital Rhizome is an interactive CD ROM artwork.
The supporting report explores the historical, theoretical and philosophical threads that influenced the substance of the artwork. Further to this is an explicit attempt to forge the premise, that the process of constructing interactive media art objects is to engage in an associative construction or a metacreation. Where the content and the conceptual rhizomophic networks fuse to form a digital rhizome.
The problem investigated:
The creation of a Hypercard™ interactive artwork as a studio component (advanced work). This interactive is screen based, using the built-in mouse as the primary tool of navigation. The work is entitled “A Digital Rhizome” and explores the non (hard) hierarchical possibilities for disrupting the master narrative tradition within academic discourses (as in a unity or continuity of argument). Taking as an inspirational starting point (cluster), Gillies Deleuze and Felix Guattari’s book “A Thousand Plateaus”. I have used selected passages from this text to illustrate the various rhizomatic features of this type of creative multimedia authoring environment.



The procedures followed:
The procedure followed as one of evolution. There was no overall plan of what would constitute the final result. There are five areas involved in the authoring of this work. (1) The selection and transcription of the quotes from A Thousand Plateaus and the importation into the Hypercard™ object. (2) The preparation and the synthesis of the graphic material, this includes scanning, resizing, recolouring and collage. (3) The creation of three dimensional models and motion sequences which are rendered as small Quicktime™ animations. (4) The collection and manipulation of digital sound and video samples. (5) The authoring of the event management scripting language HyperTalk™ which controls all relations within the art work, including the triggering of screen transitions, sounds and animations.
The general results obtained:
A Digital Rhizome received extensive exhibition exposure, national and international. The process was in itself a machine of evolution, a war machine. Various issues about the language of interactive lead to further research resulting in the actual creation of the art work, and the continued exploration of even more abstract interface designs (A Planet of Noise).
A Digital Rhizome is an interactive artwork, which exhibits islands of consistency in a sea of association.